SEO Consultant 
helps you audit and plan your website SEO

Get a complete website audit and analysis by the SEO consultant. 

Understanding SEO

Many business owners don't know what kind what kind of SEO services they paid for. With the help of SEO consultant, you are able to see SEO in new light. Alan Teo, has been trained in diverse areas of SEO. He has experience in not just search engine optimization, his background portfolio include web development and digital marketing. He can help business owner understand what SEO is all about and share how to increase business's online presence from day one. Through identifying the mistakes and providing the strategy against competition with measurable data, you will be clear about the effort being rendered to get best result.

How SEO Work

First, you need to share your website with us. Before an appointment with the SEO consultant, your website will be analysed. After doing all the checks, SEO consultant will share with you how well you are doing for your website search engine optimization. Following the analysis, you will be presented with a plan that will help you improve your position in the search engine result page. 

Site Audit

Site audit help you know how well your website is performing in search engines.

Website Report

SEO consultant will share with you about your current performance.

SEO Plan

Consultant will share with you how we can make a difference and start ranking your site.

Website SEO Process

Understanding about website SEO and how it works will help you appreciate and know how well your SEO service is performing. 

Book Your SEO Consultation

We provide enterprise level SEO solutions for your business at whatever level of optimization you need for your site. In Amazing Web Services, we offer affordable pricing that will allow highest quality SEO services that is managable on your budget.

Amazing Web Services

We're a Singapore web design and digital marketing agency. Founded by Alan Teo who is a marketing consultant with more than 15 years of accumulated media and marketing experience. Today, he is the consultant for SEO and digital marketing.                     

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