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SEO Consultant

Helps you audit and plan your website SEO. Get a complete website audit and analysis by the SEO consultant. Never dive straight into SEO prior to having your site analysed by the consultant.

SEO Consultation

SEO consultant presents insights to your current website optimization

Many business owners don't know what kind of SEO services they are paying for. With the help of SEO consultant, you are able to see SEO in new light. Alan Teo, has been trained in diverse areas of SEO processes. His experience also include web design, lead generation and digital marketing. He can help business owner understand what SEO is all about and share methods that can increase online presence. Through identifying the areas that require improvement and providing a customized SEO plan, you will be clear about everything. 

Audit Your Website

Site audit help you know how well your website is performing in search engines. This part of the audit is more towards the technical SEO portion and is quite imporant if you want to perform well in Search engine optimization.

For Website Improvement

SEO consultant will share with you about your current performance. From there, how it can be improved to gain better website score. This will greatly increase your chance of ranking when you start doing off-site optimization.

Off-site and on-site SEO plan

SEO Consultant will share with you how we can make a difference and approach to SEO Services from on-site to off-site. You will learn what they all mean and how you can achieve the good organic ranking.

About Consultant

Alan has been in the marketing business since 2002 and has been helping businesses from various industry in Singapore. Here are some of his experiences:

Traditional media (Newspaper, TV, Out of home Media (OOH), Yellow Pages) between 2002-2008
Started his advertising agency in 2009
Digital Marketing Agency - Focusing the business on website and digital marketing since 2010.

His enthusiasm in web services and digital marketing motivated him to learn from his developers, digital media experts and several online resouces. Today, he is able to help many business owners gain market advantage with unique digital marketing solutions and good search engine result positions. Because of his strategies, the agency is able to achieve positive result 99% of the time. 

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We're a Singapore web design and digital marketing agency. Founded by Alan Teo who is a marketing consultant with more than 15 years of accumulated media and marketing experience. Today, he is the head consultant for SEO and digital marketing, helping many businesses in Singapore.

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