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Email Marketing Services

Nothing beats the fact that you can reach out to the decision maker directly through a simple email message. This form of marketing cut through all clutters and capture the attention of your prospective customer. 

How To Use Email Marketing
For Your Business

Types of email marketing you can use to start getting result

Many businesses think of email marketing as simply buying email list and start blasting through to whoever that may need your service. This may work if you purchase targeted business email to reach out to decision maker of a specific niche. However, there is still the spam regulation etc to deal with. For better receptivity and result, it is still better to work on a permission based email marketing approach.

The best approach to email marketing is when your target audience give you their email in exchange for a quick benefit to their interest. From the verified email collected, you can start sending email with attractive offers. You can regulate your email by sending other interesting tips. Otherwise, your audience will be bored and unsubscribe from your list if you only just send advertisement to them. 

List building will be the number one most important ongoing task. This can be achieved with advertising and giving something for free in exchange for them subscribing to your mailing list. You can also put in an opt-in form in your website to get people to subscribe to your latest offer to get something in return like a coupon of small discount.

Email Autoresponder

Email autoresponder is a great tool which you can use to get better email engagement. From the moment that someone subscribe to your mailing list, they are set to an email system that will automatically send them pre-set emails set by you to them in a fix interval.
The system will also automatically manage any unsubscription and other task. You may also send another email only when a subscriber open the initial email. This will, you won't flood subscriber with too many email to read at one shot. For more information about such kind of autoresponder, you may click the button below to learn more. 

Email Services We Provide

Here are some email services we provide

  • Email Database - We can help you source for email database for specific industries, decision maker type and help you to verify these database.
  • Setup Bulk Email Server  - We can help you setup bulk email server and send out the email by ten of thousands per day for mass outreach.
  • List Building - We can set up ad campaign to help you build email list that is on permission base and set autoresponder emails to reach out to these subscribers. 

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