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In Amazing Web Services, we are video people too. We can help you design a complete video marketing program to increase your exposure and engagement with your prospects online.

Video Production

Before you can start getting your video viral through video marketing, you need to produce the right kind of video for different purpose.
Your video need to be focus on a specific topic and not make it too long to allow your audience to understand easily what you are trying to share.

Some of the videos that companies have created serve the following purposes:
  • Branding
  • Sharing the products and services
  • Explain a solution to a problem

Types of Video Production

  • Brand Video
  • Corporate Video
  • Explainer Video
  • Vlog
  • Presentation Video
  • Tutorial Video
  • Product Review Video
  • Company Culture Video
  • Events Video Editing
  • Video Enhancement

Branding Video

This kind of video tells the audience what is so unique about your company and why they should contact you. Use this video as a good opportunity to highlight the value proposition of your company to your prospective customers.

Corporate Video

This is like the brand video except that it shares more about the product and services that you do in a brief and summarised way. Using video clips and scene to put together a nice professional video to showcase the business you are running.

Explainer Video

This type of video will help your audience understand your solution to a problem your target audience is facing. This is done through the explainer video, where you explain in simple way how you can resolve their problem with your product or services.


Vlog is the video way of blogging. Some organization now combines text blog and Vlog together to show a video on the blog itself to give people the options to either read of view the video. Vlog makes your blog more interactive and it gives a better authority building than the traditional blog post.

Presentation Video

We can put your presentation into a video and have voiceover it so that you can share it in video form with your customers. Similar to a webinar replay, after a meeting presentation, you can send the presentation to the client again to share with decision maker who might have missed this important presentation while you were in their office.
This is like a webinar, where presenter will send a replay of the webinar to those who did not manage to attend the webinar. This increases the conversion rate for any business.

Tutorial Video

Do you have trouble explaining some steps which you probably save more time explaining in a video? This will help you save on manpower and time to focus on growing your business. We can create a tutorial video to guide your customers on how to go about doing what they are supposed to do.
This works great for people who are considering using your product because they can now visualise how easy it is to use. This will definitely increase the chance of people buying from you!

Product Review Video

Have your product reviewed and share it online. This helps to increase the confidence of your prospective customer to purchase your product. This works great with ecommerce or any offline business.

Company Culture Video

Showcase your office and your staff working. Give them a good impression as if they have already visited your office. This will greatly increase the confidence of your prospective client who are considering working with you. If you are an offshore company that is trying to close a deal with an overseas client, this will also be a good way to establish trust.

Events Video

Take a video of your event and show it on your website or social media. Events video can be a branding video for your business too. We can edit it and add some branding with kinetic text, background music and voiceover to explain the events that has just completed. Get the final video posted on social media and your website to update your followers.

Video Editing and Enhancement

These are a summary of the various enhancement that we can do on your video.

Video Enhancement
o Video Editing
o Adding Branded Intro and Outro
o Adding effects
o Adding subtitle
We can edit add your logo and brand name in the intro and outro of your video, create animated effects, text and subtitle to your video. Subtitle is good for video posting on social media as it lets people see the text before they decide to click to watch further.

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Video Marketing

After we have produced the video for you, this is where we can start marketing your video. Here are some of the activities we can do to make your video go viral.
  • Video advertising
  • Submit your video to video sites
  • Video SEO
The above are some of the ways to get your video out to reach your target audiences. You can advertise in YouTube, submit your video to several video sites and social media. We can also help you get your video rank on search engines with hundreds of keywords. These are done through our specialized video marketing technology. Click the button below to learn more about our Video Ranking and SEO services, where we rank video in 24-48 hours.