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Website SEO services will increase your online presence and get organic ranking for your website in the search engine result pages. We have helped websites ranked in top 10 of Search engine result page (SERP). SEO by Singapore SEO agency for local and international companies. Learn more about our SEO agency services today.

What's in SEO Services

Get Organic traffic to your website without paying for ads.

SEO services is a process of increasing your website organic ranking in the search engine result page (SERP) in Google, Bing and Yahoo for a list of keywords that is optimized in your website. The service include a list of complex services done by SEO professional. With the help of our SEO consultant, we show you from day one, where your site ranking is and how your website progresses in search engine ranking.

Site Audit

Website optimization check

Do thorough analysis of your website to check how
optimized your website is for SEO.

SEO Strategy

Search engine optimization strategy

SEO strategy should be customized to your website. It is formed after careful research againist your competitors.

On-Page to Off Page SEO

Website optimization process

Perform a series of on-page and off-page SEO
activities to increase site authority and position in SERP.

Journey to Achieve
Top 10 Position in Search Result

Search engine optimization process to achieve online ranking



Check your current website position and how well your website is optimized. Making sure that things like SEO keywords, meta description and all the on-site SEO optimization are done right for search engines to crawl and index your site well. Also to ensure that your site is loading fast enough. Knowing areas that need improvement will set the work flow for the initial optimization tasks.

In the initial check prior to any work

Maximize the website seo score and optimizing the site's content

2. Website On-Page Optimization

After site audit, we will optimize all the areas in the website that require improvement. Such as rewriting the content of the website to the keywords that you want to rank, setting the right title, meta description and optimize the speed of every page load. This is at the on-page level and the most important part of the entire SEO services.


Knowing how your competitors are doing is key to beating the positions in the search engine result page. Understanding how they achieve top 10 positions in search result, will help us outrank them with our SEO strategy and monthly activities.

Know what your competitors are ranking for and what works for them

Customized SEO strategy to achieve best SEO result for your website


SEO strategy depends on the website you have. Every website is different. Some websites need to have more quality backlinks or disavow bad links from low spammy sites. Other websites may require lots of work on site level to allow better search engine crawling and indexability. Website that is not mobile friendly will need to have website revamped. SEO consultant will study these and provide an SEO strategy that will work best for your website.


Having as many backlinks from high authority website is how search engine see you are being reputable. The more backlinks you have from relevent, high authority sites to your site, the better. However, you need to build this over time. Moreover, these links are not easy to acquire. We will achieve these through press release, guest post, social media sharing and various other white hat means.

Building the reputation of the website with high authority and relevant topical backlinks

Site performance report


We provide SEO report on a monthly basis. The report will increase insights to the performance of the website. You will see the overall site authority of the site, backlinks, traffic and other information that will let you understand how people are interacting with the website. These results are from various tools like webmaster tracking, Google analytics and other SEO tools that are trusted by SEO professionals worldwide.


Website SEO Ranking Factors

There are so many factors that will affect the position of your web page in the search result. Here are a few crucial factors that website should improve in an ongoing basis. There are several other ranking factors that SEO consultant look at in order to optimize the website and its search result position. Here is a SEO guide which Google published for your reference.

Relevant Content

Have highly relevant content that people are searching for. Search engines will crawl your site to determine the relevency of web content before serving the best result to search result page. Best content will be served on the 1st page of the searched keyword.

SEO Keywords Research

Content must have well researched keywords and closely related key phrases within the written web page. It's important to be mindful of the keywords density, to not over-optimize the keywords. Best practice is to have a list of highly related key phrases mixed within the written content.

Website Speed Optimization

Slow website will affect user experience and lower your chance of ranking. Fast loading web page will increase your site's score and improve search engine position. This involve optimizing CSS, Javascript, browser cache, images and other complex work at site level. Working closely with a web developer is required.

Good Domain Authority and TrustFlow

High Domain Authority (DA) and Trust Flow (TF) score are usually noted for those sites ranking in top 10 positions. As you continue with SEO services, your site DA and TF will increase too.

Link Building

We'll build high quality links from high authority sites with high DA and TF to your site. This will increase your site's authority and credibility with the search engines.

Increase Site Traffic

With more online visbility through link building, local citation, press releases and other means, you will start seeing more site traffic. Meta title and description optimization will also improve click-through-rate (CTR) and increase site traffic and sales conversion.

How SEO Services Work

Watch the video here to learn about the SEO services. For more information and question, please contact us for one of our SEO expert to speak to you.

SEO Pricing and SEO Packages

Common SEO Prices and Packages by SEO agency

SEO packages is an easy way to justify work with pricing. However, these are not a one size fit all, as all websites require different amount of work to get to the best position for a specific set of SEO keywords. For best pricing, we will have the SEO expert analyse your site before making a customize quote that fit your website and budget. You may start at a lower budget which will take a longer time to achieve your goal or you may have a bigger SEO budget to see result faster. More SEO budget mean more time and more work done to enhance the website’s search presence within a shorter period of time. Additional SEO services like video SEO can be performed to increase video visibility that links to your site. As you know, video gets rank easier than text link. Video SEO requires video production which most of your competitors are not doing. This can be an added advantage to your ranking strategy.


SEO packages normally include the following services:

  • WEBSITE AUDIT - A complete overview of website to see what is deterring you from ranking
  • COMPETITORS ANALYSIS - See what your competitors are ranking for and how they get there
  • SEO KEYWORDS RESEARCH - keywords that will help you rank and gain more traffic.
  • SEO CONTENT OPTIMIZATION - optimize every part of the site for crawlability and indexing.
  • LINK BUILDING SERVICE - Guest Post, Press Releases, local directory listing, social media links, web 2.0 and comment backlinks.
  • SOCIAL SIGNALS - People sharing the web page in social media posts.
  • MONTHLY SEO REPORT - Providing performance report and update on SEO progress.

SEO Pricing

Prices of SEO depend on site, location and expected result in given time

The amount of work will differ with the budget. Expect a slower result with lower budget. Its better that you start with a lower budget than not do anything at all. You may start at $500-$1,000 a month for local to national level and $2,000-$3,000 at international search engine optimization. Anything lower than this, you will probably not get any good quality backlinks and effort and be wasting of time and money. Do not believe in cheap SEO as they mean low quality SEO. Those that you normally received via email with promise of guarantee ranking are all not worth the risk. 

SEO Consultation

Get free SEO consultation with our SEO consultant. You will get a complete understanding of our SEO process and how we can get your website to the first page of search engine result page. You will learn something that other SEO companies don't usually show you! 

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We have been doing successful SEO for a number of clients now. Here are a few of our recent clients.


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