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Search Engine Marketing

Effectively market your business to targeted audience online

Search Marketing Services

Increase online presence through various online platforms

Through careful planning, we place your advertisement that is linked to your website in popular websites like Facebook, news sites and blog sites. We also help you reach out to those who are searching on search engine with specific keywords for your products and services. Your website link with the advertisement will appear in the search engine result page. When they clicked on it, they will be directed to your website or landing page to learn more about your offer, products or services. Search engine marketing is a fast and effective way to reach out to your prospective customers. With well profiled campaign targeting, we are able to eliminate unwanted audience who will waste your time and money and only reach out to those who will most likely make a purchase decision with your business. 

PPC Advertising

PPC or pay-per-click advertising is a popular way to advertise online. You only pay on per click basis, which is why people also call it pay-per-click. Each click can be as low as few cents to a high of a few dollars. You can always make a capped to the maximum daily budget. Learn more by watching the video here. Click the play button            

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  • SET UP AD CAMPAIGN - Select the advertising platform to reach out to the right targeted audience. Profile the demographic, interest, location and other relevant metrics to make your advertisement serve to as targeted group of people as possible. Create engaging ad copy with text, graphic and video. Set conversion measurement and remarketing pixel to your ad landing page to remarket and measure performance of ad campaign.
  • TRACK, ANALYSE AND ADJUST  - As the campaign is running, we will track the engagement level, analyse the people that have viewed your ad, where they are from and what they are searching for and the interest types. From there, we will make necessary adjustment to improve the ad targeting. This is especially important for keywords search as the search term my vary a lot. Sometimes they are closly worded by not your target sort. For example, a office cleaning company targeting people who search for 
  • A/B TESTING - While getting the right audience is important, we also need to work on the conversion. If there are lots of people landing on your web page but not converting to sales, maybe your web page is not convincing them to buy from you. We can do A/B testing by creating 2 version of landing page, to test the conversion to see which one convert site visitor better. Your web page need to be relevant in order to get better click-through-rate. 

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