eCommerce Website Design That Sells

eCommerce Website

eCommerce website design with modern CMS and marketing tools installed to make your products sell better. Whether you are a small startup or a wholesale business, we can customize the right functions within your website. Some of the important functions for eCommerce website includes:

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    Loyalty Program
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    Bulk Wholesale Order
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    Store Affiliate Marketing
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    Abandon Cart Re-marketing
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    And much more
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Types of eCommerce Website

AMP eCommerce Website

AMP eCommerce

AMP eCommerce website design puts your website into accelerated mobile pages, which loads at lightning fast speed. This is really important as we know that slow loading speed not only make site visitor close your web page but also make your ranking go down.

This website is a full HTML site that requires web developer to update the site for you. Therefore, if you want a website that is easy to update, you should choose a CMS web platform like the CMS eCommerce website mentioned in this page.

CMS eCommerce Website

ecommerce online shop

This is built with popular CMS platform like WooCommerce. It has many reliable extension and allow you to customize and update easily without having to work with codes that much.

Unlike the AMP the speed will not be lightning fast and require more work to keep it up to speed. 

Other Essentials About eCommerce Website

eCommerce Site Optimization

Many eCommerce websites are penalized for having thin content. Thin content tells Google that your website has very little description to show people. It makes your website rank poorly and because it is perceived as not informative without much information.

With eCommerce site optimization, we will help you optimize the content with the keywords that matches your product. This will help your website rank well and start making more sales!

eCommerce Marketing

Just like any brick and mortar store, you need to market your store everywhere. We can help you to advertise your eCommerce website to popular places like Facebook, Instagram, Google search and network of websites that allow advertisement on their web pages. This way, you can start getting web traffic and sale.

There are many strategies we can use to get traffic and sales for your website. In addition to that, we can help your website rank organically. This way, you can reduce your ad spend when your eCommerce website ranks in the search result page.

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