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Amazing Web Services formerly know as Progres Media Pte Ltd, evolved from a media agency to a full service digital marketing and web development agency. To date, we served closed to a thousand companies and media agencies in Singapore. There are a number of projects, some of which are done for local agencies that has outsourced projects to us. Here are a few of our clients. Other than custom design, we also provide ready themes which can be updated with your own content.

The eCommerce website we built has built-in CRM which manages customers profile, with loyalty programs (points system), custom discount base on customer group type. The built-in customer communication is top of the class as all communication between customers are recorded. So as any admin log in to check the order status, he or she will see the remark left by previous administrator. We build international level eCommerce store with all the functions and capability which anyone would expect. But of course, we also build basic eCommerce site which is catered for beginner and lower budget too. No matter which stage of online business you are, we have the right solutions when it comes to web design and development.

Bathroom eCommerce Website

This bathroom eCommerce website displayed many different brands and product ranges. The theme is clean and simple to show the way bathroom should be. Incorporating the corporate colour throughout the website while preserving the white look. 

Organic Shop Website

Organic shop website likes a clean and artistic feel to attract the local residence at high-end residential district. Logo and images are carefully designed and selected to show the different product ranges they carry in their organic shop.

Consumer Electronics
eCommerce Website

This consumer electronics eCommerce website sells several household products. We designed the website with QR Code, Warranty registration function to allow customers to register the warranty online. It has full eCommerce functionalities which includes customer loyalty system and customer group profiling CRM.

Bags eCommerce Website

Bagz is a local retailer selling bags in many various shopping mall. They are taking their bags online and selling to current customers and new customers. This eCommerce has customer group profiling, customer group discount variation, so that different customer can have different customer group discount. Website has very comprehensive functions that a demanding online store should have.

Shoe eCommerce Website

Dr Kong originated from Hong Kong, is an international brand. They created their first eCommerce website with us. The design shows a very family style shoe shop. They sells shoes that is catered to all ages. This eCommerce website is has a complete CRM for customer group management, coupon discount, loyalty program, built in email marketing system and more.

Carpets Website

This carpet show has about 600 carpets listed in the website. It is a very content heavy website. Meticulous effort is required to sort them in the right categories. After the site is created, to test and make them mobile friendly. This is one of the earlier project when most websites were not mobile friendly and we are converting them.

After we made them mobile responsive, we included CMS to allow site owner to edit simple wordings and images when required.

Automobile Website

This automobile workshop services mostly BMW and high-end continental cars. Our design matches with the kind of customer base they are serving - performance cars owners. The website has service booking system to do car servicing booking.

Transportation Company Website

This website image you see is has a lot of graphic work done. We did photo shoots on the trucks, crop the image out, put it on the north-south highway with lighting effect. As this is a very old company, we blend the old fashion looking logo to a new logo design. After that, we blend the corporate red with the images use.

Web Creativity Without Boundary

There is just so much we can create in a website, making it not just professional looking but Search engine optimized as well. After all, you want your website to be ranked on the search engine don't you? Therefore, we put more effort to have the website done with our latest SEO design criteria. Keyword research, site silo structuring, SEO content writing to optimize content and other setup to make your website easy to rank with further off page SEO activities after site completion.

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Let us help you with your website. Whether it is slight improvement or major revamp. We can also do a site analysis to check if your site is optimized for ranking. It is important to have your website setup right so it will be attract search engine to index. With a well optimized website and some off page optimization done, you can get ranked easier. So don't hesitate and talk to us now.
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