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Website SEO services is essential in making your website found in the search engine.

What Is Website SEO Services

Website SEO is some things being refered to as technical SEO or on-page SEO. They all mean the same. This is a service provided by SEO professional who work along with web designer and developer to optimize the elements and content in the website to make it score well and be well received by all search engines. If done well, it can help you gain search engine ranking easier.

Ranking Factors

There are a lot of factors that can affect your SEO ranking. 3 main factors that are discussed very often include, on-page SEO, backlinks and traffic. Of all factors, the foundation of your website is most important. 

Website On-page SEO

SEO Activities

SEO services cover a long list of activities that aim to optimize and increase online presence of the website. This way, the website can be found on several platforms and be found when someone searches for a keywords related to the site.

Improve website performance

Website Technical SEO

Increase online reputation and presence.

Off-Site SEO

Increase targeted traffic to the website.

Traffic Generation

Website Technical SEO

Here is a list of technical SEO that is performed on a website before doing the off-site technical SEO. This is not a complete list but a few important few that will make a huge impact if done well.


Keywords Research

Searching for the best keywords for your website. 


Content Optimization

Put them in the content and write informative web content that is relevant and has other related key phrases to the main keywords.


Internal and external linking

Linking the content internally and externally to make your content highly relevant and well structured.


Website Speed Optimization

Optimizing the page load time of the website. Slow page load will affect your site user experience and rank poorly by search engines.


Image Alt Text and Image Optimization

Optimizing the image to reduce file size, add keywords to images for image search. Other image optimization include serving images from cloud and geo location tag images for best local SEO result.


Off-Site SEO

Off-site SEO consist mainly of a list of backlinking activities and strategies. It also includes competitor analysis and traffic generation. Below list a few main bulk of the activities.



Get high quality backlink
 from high authority website to your website. This will increase your site authority gradually.



Write expert content that contains keywords and other related key phrases that supports the content richness.


Social Signals

Get social sharing and backlinks to your website. Social signals tells search engine that your content is worth mentioning.



Listing your website as local business in your local community or country. This increases your chance of being found  

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