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Videos Are Ranked Within 24-48 Hours With Our Video SEO Service

Video Marketing is becoming more important in online marketing these days. Even the popular social media like Facebook has seen an increase in video sharing. You can spend thousands of dollars advertising in Google and YouTube to get your website found on some highly competitive keywords. But there are yet hundreds and even thousands of related keywords which people are searching for everyday on the internet, which you will never be able to get ranked.

It will also be too expensive to rank all these keywords with SEO or Google ads. These hundreds and thousands of keywords has low to medium search volume, which when added up, are more than the highly competitive keywords. This is where we found a solution that will not only save you money in the long run, but also help your website get targeted traffic for free from Google and YouTube. Contact us for how we can do that for you.

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Proven Video Ranking Result

revamp property website

Video Marketing will never be the same with this. People normally search for specific keywords when finding any product, services or ways to solve a need. When they do, you can get unfair advantage over those competitive keywords that are too general.

Instead of searching for property website which is too general, one will probably search for "revamp a property website" which is more specific to a need of a property agent wanting to revamp his website! When this agent type in this keyword in Google Search, it shows my video on the 1st page with a striking image he cannot miss. This is when I get a chance to be found and clicked by this agent and share my service.

You too, can use this method to get free targeted traffic. This saves you lots of money advertising in Google and YouTube. Our method get hundreds and even thousands of searched keywords on 1st page search result. More importantly, it stays ranked there.

The keywords are found from Google Keywords Planner and there are usually at least 700 plus keywords suggestion that are related to your industry. We are able to find keywords that are searched in your country or in any country that you are targeting. From there, we will get you the list of keywords which you can get ranked immediately. From there, we will upload your videos to all these ranking keywords, so any of these keyword search will have you up on 1st page.

All can be done within a day. These cannot be possibly done at such a rate and time without our secret method. You don't need to look else where as you will waste your time finding people using other methods than this which is currently the most effective and no time wasting. So don't hesitate and take up our 100% money back guaranteed service. Contact us today.

Create a Video That Converts

Create a video to tell people who you are and what you do. Whiteboard animation allows businesses to share their product and service offer using a short 30-60 seconds video. It is more affordable than the expensive real life production. All you have to do is give us your video script or we create a copy for you. We will base on your script, draft out the content and get a voice over on your video. Then we can put your video in YouTube and your website to start promoting.

Video marketing cannot be more successful without a good video production. It is important to get the objective of each video right and be very specific in the requirement of each video. With a carefully thought our script, we will craft the video graphic or use the right design to convey your message with impact to those who view your video. Include call-to-action so viewer can click and be led to your website to take action to purchase your product.

Video marketing can be more successful with real time tracking and get ranked in the search engine within the shortest time possible. That is something we are proud to do - getting your video on search engine and ranked on 1st page in less than 24 hours. Not just get ranked but stay ranked for very long time. This is our unique video marketing service we can provide that our competitors cannot do. 

How To Use Video To Generate Sales In Video Marketing

Once your video is created, we can upload to YouTube, Facebook or your website. In the video, we will have the following options to get response.

  • Create an Opt-In Form: so before viewer watch the video or at the end of the video. This way, we will get interested party to sign up in your newsletter or leads list. Opt-in form can be email or phone number.

  • Call For Action: Add a button in the video, so viewer can click to the page you want them to go for further information. There to can start promoting your offer.

  • Time Launch Video: You can also set the video to be on a timer, so the video will have a countdown timer and start playing when the time is up. This is great for launching of a new product or webinar sort of video.

  • Customize existing video: We can edit and add new call outs to let viewers act on your video when they see your call out for immediate action.

Adding Call To Action To Capture Leads From Video

You can add call-to-action on your video to direct them to your offer, sign up for a webinar or something. This way you will be able to get good conversion from your video viewer.