Web Design Services

Web Design Services

The web design services ranges from basic web design and development of corporate website to eCommerce website design. Sometimes, when special requirement requested, we can customize functions to cater for specific needs of a business. Therefore, it is important for us to understand exactly what is required before we can quote and plan the web design process. There are many web design company providing several different kinds of web design services. It is best to understand through the web design quote what are the items covered with a full list of job scope.

Here is the web design process within the web design services that we provide.

web design services

Web Design Quote

We will get full understanding of the requirement for the website before we give a quote. Therefore, a standard quote may not be enough for a client. We will always ask specific question, understand what the business is trying to achieve before we quote. The price of web design may vary according to requirement.

This is the reason why it’s hard to find standard rate for a web design and development project. Standard web design rate is only possible if there is a standard website template and function to follow. That will also mean the layout and style will be the same throughout.

Once the web design service quote is finalized, we will list out all the web design items to be worked on in a service contract. This will ensure that both side have the same understanding what are the things to be done. It also saves any dispute between both parties. This is better than just showing brief points without elaborating the job scopes. 

Web Design Services Process

Let’s take a look at what are the web design services process here. We will walk you through the process of our web design and development process to give you a thorough understanding. 

Web Design Proposal

Once the job is confirmed, the first stage of web design services process is to propose a web design with the layout and style for client’s website. We will design a Home Page and a couple of the client’s main category pages for review. The web design style includes colour mix, font type and layout. At this stage of design process, we will put dummy text and images to let the client have a feel of the whole web design look and feel.

Website Content Update

When the design is confirmed, we will then proceed to update the various pages with the actual website content. The functionalities will also be integrated with the actual site content. Should there be any copywriting to be done, we will write them, review them and add them to the web pages. Before content is updated, we should do a keywords research to determine what are the keywords that we planned to have this website ranked for. This is an important part of website SEO which we will cover in the next paragraph.

Website SEO

When all content is updated and reviewed, we will proceed to do the website SEO. This is an important part of the overall website score for search engine. The main objective of a website is to be found online. This is one part of the web design services that requires expert knowledge and technical expertise. Therefore, it is important that we tell the search engine about your website. The way to do that, is to submit the website to major search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing.

We will create a webmaster account in Google, Yahoo and Bing and connect the website with these webmaster accounts. Webmaster account is useful in tracking the health of the website. It gives lots of insight to what is lacking and what is found by the search engine. Sometimes, when there is bad SEO done, this can be used to disavow any URL or backlinks from various external websites.

You may ask what is website SEO? In another page of this website, you will learn in more details about what website SEO is. For this page about web design services, it is enough to just list out the few major areas that we will work on for website SEO.

Setting Up the Website Architecture

This is a process where the primary keywords, secondary keywords and related keywords are researched and set for this website. The website architecture is also known as silo structure, set how the pages are interlinked within the website. The architecture of the website will include main pages, which are pages that site owner want to rank and supporting pages that will help to increase the authority of the main pages.

Copywriting Web Content

Making sure that the website has keywords set for every page. In earlier paragraph, we shared about keywords research. In this stage, we will do copywriting with the keywords set for every page.

Heading Tags on Web Page Content

The heading tags are often referred to as H1, H2, H3 and H4 tags. These are headings to help get content segmented into various section of a main topics. It also tells search engines about the focus of the topics in web pages. Main title is the H1 tag that include the main keyword of the web page. Sub headings like H2 and H3 are used quite often to include the key phrase and partial keywords.

Image Alt Text

This is something that most web developers neglect. We’ve check many websites and this is always missing or not properly optimized. It is usually not found or just entered with something nobody will understand. Alt text is what search engine read to make sense of what this image is about. Visually impair user also uses this to understand the meaning of the image. It has SEO implication and if used well can help with the overall content optimization of the website.

Meta Title and Description

This is what you like to show on the search engine result page (SERP). We add a tool that can let you enter what to show as title and description when your web page is found on the search engine result page. Meta title and description are usually auto populated based on what is written on the web page. However, with this, you can request search engine to read what you like to display instead.

Website Speed Optimization

This is done to make sure that the web pages load at optimal speed. Sometimes, the images are not compressed, which makes the page very heavy. We will check the images, test with Google page insight to see if it is loading with optimal speed. Other speed loading factors include CSS and Java script optimization. Such files can be combined to make the request lesser. It is a complex task and requires lots of technical knowledge when optimizing the website speed.

Webmaster Account Creation and Submission of URL

This stage, we will create webmaster accounts in Google, Bing and Yahoo. Thereafter, we will request these search engines to index the website. Webmaster account provides lots of important insight on the website. It tells how the web pages are index and if there is any issue that need to be addressed.

301 Redirect Old URLs

When we optimized the web pages, it may be necessary that we improve the URL of the web page to make it more search engine friendly. The old URLs are to be redirected to the newly created URL so that the authority can be transferred to the new web URL. Some web pages deletion can be redirected to the new page too. This way, any deletion or changes done to the old web page will pass on the authority to the new web page. To understand more about page authority, you may read more here >> https://moz.com/learn/seo/page-authority

Web Traffic Analytics

This is when we add the Google Analytics code to the website to measure the traffic to your website. Google Analytics provides lots of useful information to let you understand your site visitors. With the information, you can use it for online marketing to better target the audience. As Google analytics shows metrics by geo location like country and city. It also provides demographic details like gender, age group type of devices used to visit your website. There are just so much you can do with this analytic tool.

Website should be both beautiful and loved by search engines

Post Web Development Support

To ensure that the website is operating without issue, we provide a year of post web development support. This covers the technicalities of the website, to make sure that no problem occurs after handover. We will back up the website and store it in our server during the support period. If anything goes wrong, we will restore the backup copy to the web hosting. This way, we provide assurance to our client that nothing will ever go wrong that cannot be fixed.

There are many more ways to secure the website. As nobody cannot guarantee that the website will never be hacked, we will ask client if they like to install a security sockets layer or SSL in short to protect the website from possible site attack. Once this additional layer of security is installed, your website will have a secure https on your website URL instead of the usual http.

I hope this article gives you a good idea how our web design services work. If you have any question, please contact us to learn more.

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