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Website Revamp To Increase Sales Conversion

Are you tired of your website and need to have a website revamp service? Most web design company will simply redo the entire website for you. However, what if you only need to change some but not all aspect of your website? If that's the case, this website revamp service will be what you are looking for. Moreover, we provide a thorough site review together with what you think should be revamped. Thereafter, we will propose the changes together with what you have in mind. With that, your website will be uplifted with better performance, design and still maintain the best part of what you originally have.
  • We will redesign any web page
  • Convert your HTML to a website with content management system (CMS)
  • Add Marketing Tools to help you increase the site sales conversion
  • Provide 2 web design to split test result
  • Free hosting to host your website
  • Submit your revamped website URL to search engines for indexing
If your website is getting traffic but not converting visitors to customers, you should consider adding some marketing tools into your website. Marketing tools are functions built into website to interact and call your site visitor to act. For example, you can add a pop out opt-in form to ask your site visitor to opt-in to your newsletter in return for a coupon or a free trial. Other marketing tool like video avatar speaking to your site visitor when site visitor landed on your web page. There are others that you can use depending on what you like your visitor to do.

Better Website Performance After Website Revamp Service

When we do website revamp for our clients, we look beyond just great web design. That's right, we look at upgrading the performance of the website so that the website will be loved by the search engines. We will do an on-site optimization to increase the score of your website. This way, the search engines will love your website and you will increase your chance of ranking for the keywords you set in your website. To learn more about website search engine optimization, you can learn more from our website SEO services.

When we talk about website SEO, here are a list of a few essential parts of the website we will optimized.

List of Website SEO Services with our website revamp package

  • Website keywords setting
  • Website SEO content writing
  • Content title tags, meta description and image alt text optimization
  • Keyword density and anchor text optimization check
  • Web page speed optimization
  • Webmaster account and Google Analytics Setup for tracking
  • Submit website to Google, Yahoo and Bing to request indexing of web pages
  • Schema org setup and submit site to local directories for local SEO purpose
  • Create Google Business Profile and list your business on local listing in Google and Google Map
If your previous developer has not done the above, its time. Furthermore, this will make the site more functional than just the aesthetic. After these are done, we do encourage site owner to let us get the website on 1st page of search engines result page (SERP) by doing off site optimization. This way, we will be able to rank more keywords for the website. In many cases, with perfect on-page optimization, we usually see some easy to rank keywords up on 1st page without much effort on any off page optimization. With proven statistics, our website revamped service with search engine optimization services is indeed a service site owners can trust.

Complete Website Revamp

There are some websites that are old and not mobile responsive In this case, we usually recommend site owner to have a complete web design and development done. This will make your company look professional and up-to-date. Moreover, it is important these days to have a website that represent your business well. Having said that, the website will probably be the first place people will look at before they even step into your office to discuss business deals. Therefore, the website should be a very important part of branding for your company. For more information on our web design services, click on the button below to view more.

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