Website Revamp Service

Website Revamp For Old Out-Dated Site

  • We will redesign any page you want
  • Split test for 2 web design on 1 page to test conversion
  • Show you how to use the editor
  • Provide ongoing support for web editor
  • Give you insight of traffic to each revamped pages
  • Free hosting to host your website
  • Free add-on marketing tools for website
  • Free site submission to major search engines

Site Revamp For Better Performance

Website revamp is good for site that only needs slight modification and be optimized for search engine. For site ranking, you can learn more from our Website SEO service. So you can still keep most of what you are happy with and just change some parts that requires improvement. We work hard to improve the performance of your website. Whether it is about improving the design of your website or adding function and performance, we will show you what is best for your business. Once done, we will test the load time of your web pages. From there, we will further optimize to get optimal load time for your web pages. There is just so much you can have to make a difference to your site conversion. But before that, you may want to talk to us about how we can drive traffic to your website, through search engine optimization. Below is a video that shows you one of our cutting edge web editors for easy content update. For editing simple content after website revamp, it is made easier than normal content management system. You can even do A/B testing to see which web page design convert the best! So, you can see that we provide something really different from what most are giving to the site owners.
As you can see, just load any existing website, drag and drop elements of the website, add functions, video, opt-in forms, change images and layout and save it. To get the new website shown on your existing website, just embed the code to your web page or download the whole files to the server and it will be done. We allow you to split test your design. Which mean you can create 2 or more variation of designs, published it on the same page. The different design will appear evenly throughout the day to see which one gets more conversion.

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