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Social Media Marketing Strategy is something which all businesses should consider into the overall marketing plan. Imagine how hard it is to be writing a great story and post on your blog then syndicate to your social media page like Facebook page every day? Won’t it be very expensive to engage a copywriter to write your blog and post into your social media page? Even so, your writer is not like the newspaper reporter that writes top stories that people are following everyday. So we think its best to share top stories from great websites and leveraging on their stories to loop in our little ads or call to action opt-in form. It will benefit both the content provider and also the one that shares it on the post. 

How to use Social Media To Your Advantage

We post top stories on the social media page, set all post with auto pop out lightbox to grab any interested party who will want to learn more about the services we provide. Such social media marketing strategy will work well when you are sharing something that is related to your service offer. The chance of people filling out the interest for your offer will be greater. There are so many sites out there and you can even do an RSS feed, to let the post be auto pilot. Once you have set the pop out lightbox to loop in your call for action form, RSS feed all articles to your post with your form and just wait for your hot leads. This method does not cost much and can be a great alternative source of lead generation. I call it a great social media marketing strategy!

Combination of Social Media Strategy and Great Content Marketing

As we try to create high quality blog post that syndicate to the various social media pages, we are creating a flow of traffic. The traffic that lands on our web page will have a chance to take up our offer. This form a very important interaction between the various platforms and our website. To get engagement from people in social media, we have to first provide engaging content. This engagement is only possible with great content. Therefore, it is important to have a good writer for a start. This writer needs to understand what topic will captivate the heart of viewers. The great creator of title and a short snippet of info on the topic that is being written.

When you have rich content that is useful and easy to understand, your content will attract more visitors. These visitors will then be your customers if your incidental offer in content attracts them too.

 If you want to have a good social media strategy, it pays to get a good social media consultant to advise you. Get in contact with a social media agency near you.

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